NIKO a word meaning to conquer or to overcome, is a five-day wilderness leadership training program where you take risks to discover more about who God has made you to be. Your learning environment will be the great outdoors, the classroom of life. You will learn skills vital to working as a team, being a leader, and pushing yourself beyond limits you thought you could never overcome. As an individual or a group you learn to surrender your individual rights and learn new levels of interdependence with others. The most important aspect is to grow in your dependence on God.


If you are a group that is interested, schedule your NIKO any time during the summer or fall. If you’re an individual looking to do a NIKO, you can join a group that is already running! Either way contact us so we can work out the best date for you and your team.

Email or call Rhoda to book your Niko – – (503) 364-3837 ext. 327

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NIKO Application
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Cold Weather Pack List
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NIKO Team Leader Purpose and Goals
NIKO Parent Packet
NIKO Gear Rental List

Whether you are a group or an individual, contact us to reserve your spot! Email Us