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3 Fundraising Tips to Help DTS Students Easily Raise Support

May 7, 2021 11:00:00 AM

Do you feel like it is impossible to raise the money you need for a Discipleship Training School? That the weight and financial burden is too much? 

Here are 3 fundraising tips we think will help you on your journey as you raise money for DTS:

1. Name-storming

The first tip is known as name-storming!

This is the process of going through all the people you know and writing their names down. This can be family, friends, churches, or even that lady down the street who let you mow their lawn. Write every name down! Next, as you go through the list, divide them into three categories:

  1. High Priority - confident (spend most of your time/ effort getting in touch with these people)

  2. Medium - 50/50
  3. Low- Pretty sure will not

It can be hard to think of people who you want to talk to and ask support from so taking the time to name-storm can actually help see how many people you actually know. 

One thing to remember is, don’t say anyone's “NO” for them. You never know what God will do, so ask everybody!

2. Phone Calls

Now it’s time to pick up the phone and make some calls. Even though it may seem intimidating, make them! It will be 100% more awkward in your head than in real life. Also, make sure to give each conversation to God because He is in control and knows the outcome. Pray, invite the Holy Spirit in, and dial! 

So how do we set up that phone call?photo-1611948018673-3d54b3026e29

Setting up a phone call:

Intro: “Hey, is this (insert person you're calling)? It’s (insert your name) here, how’s it going? I’m calling because I’m planning on going to Salem, Oregon with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) for a Discipleship Training School.

Explain: In a nutshell, I’m spending the next three months doing missionary training where I will be learning about God and growing in my relationship with Him. Then I will be spending ten-twelve weeks on an overseas mission trip.

Set up a time: I would love to find a time this week to chat with you and share a bit about how I felt led to do the school and tell you more about my ministry vision and financial goals. I’m available in the mornings/afternoons between (these hours).

Seal the deal: What time works best for you? Awesome! I will see you (on this day at this time)."

It is important to read back the day and time so that both you and the caller remember when the appointment is.

Some things to include in your follow-up call:

  • Who you are - testimony & calling
  • What you do - ministry vision
  • What you want - financial needs/goals

An important thing to remember is that this conversation is a dialogue, not a monologue. Make sure to ask questions and engage the caller! 

Some questions you can ask are:

  • What are your thoughts on missions/going overseas?
  • Have you ever gone on an outreach trip?
  • Have you ever considered working in ministry/missions (Why or why not?)

3. Letters and Emails

Some people who you want to contact about fundraising will be easier to reach  through mail or over the internet. In that case you can write a handwritten letter or send an email. It is important to share your vision statement of why you're doing a Discipleship Training School (DTS) and why you are asking for financial support. 

photo-1551847609-5aaf21a58ebcWhats going on? Briefly explain what is happening right now in your life and how you will be stepping into this school. Make sure to mention that you will be going on a mission trip.

Why you felt called to do a DTS: This can include some of your testimony and the process of how God brought you to Salem for this school

Reason for reaching out: This is asking for financial and prayer support. It is super important to not avoid the money thing. We know it can feel awkward but how can they support you if they don’t know what you need, so be clear and honest with your request!


*An extra thing you can include to make it more personal would be a small hand written card (if sending in the mail), or a note with a prayer filled encouragement.

This will show you took intentional time to pray for the person you are asking support from. Something to remember is that you aren’t just asking for money but asking this person to join your team! This could be finances but also prayer and, or encouragement.

photo-1580892660927-ddc173443462-1-1No matter if you're calling, sending handwritten letters, or emails make sure to pray pray pray. Before you start any form of fundraising, pray! If you’re going to spend all this time working on asking for support, you might as well make it all time spent with the Lord! He’s your help and the only one you need.        

Now it's time to start fundraising for DTS. How will you walk forward with the steps and watch God provide for you financially? Here at YWAM Salem, during our foundational Discipleship Training School we learn to trust God through seeing our faith radically stretched as we depend on God for financial provision.  

Interested in Jesus, adventure, and growing in your faith?

Do a Discipleship Training School, YWAM’s flagship missionary training course. It's a great gap year option. It's also perfect for anyone looking to step out of the ordinary and grow in your faith.

How does it work?

First, you’ll spend 3 months getting to know God amongst a vibrant Christian community and the inspiring beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Then you’ll embark on a life-changing 2-month overseas missions trip, focused on making God known. A new DTS starts every September, January, April, and June! Submit your info below to learn more. 

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