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4 Essential Items You’ll Want to Have for Living Life in Oregon

Mar 12, 2021 11:17:00 AM

Are you coming to Oregon for your Discipleship Training School but don’t know how to pack? We get it, it’s hard knowing what things are absolute must-haves when leaving home for 6 months, especially in a state that has very diverse weather patterns. So we wanted to help you out by giving you our top 4 essentials (for rain and shine) that you are going to want to have while living in Oregon! 

Rain Jacket 

On average, it rains 152 days out of the year in Oregon, so you should definitely plan to bring a rain jacket or some sort of warm water-resistant coat! The spring, fall, and winter months are especially rainy and most of the time the weather is pretty deceptive; even when it looks sunny outside within minutes it could be pouring rain. Plus it’s always better to be prepared and ready for the rain when it does come so we recommend getting a lighter weight rain jacket that can easily fit in a backpack, can be layered, or wrapped around your waist! A lot of people in Oregon choose Columbia rain gear because it is versatile and affordable, but we also recommend checking out your local thrift store for hidden gems! 

Quality Shoes 

Oregon is well-known for its beautiful landscapes, diverse hiking spots, and inner-city explorations. Whether it be overlooking the coastal sea, up in the mountains, or strolling the streets of Portland you will want a quality shoe that is functional and can take you anywhere! A few shoes we recommend for the fall and winter months are Blundstones - these boots are perfect for hiking and everyday use. They not only look great, but they are also water-resistant so your feet will stay dry and warm! Although a little pricey, they are definitely worth it when it comes to living in Oregon! Another shoe we recommended in the late spring and summer months is Birkenstocks. They are comfortable, trendy and perfect for the Pacific Northwest lifestyle. Either of these shoes has lower-cost alternatives that are available if they are a little too pricey for your liking! You will definitely want more than one pair of shoes coming to Oregon so feel free to bring your favorite pair too! 


Oregonians love a good beanie, and it’s always a good idea to have some sort of hat that will keep your head warm during the fall and winter months when it can get chilly outside. On the other hand, if you are here in the summer you are going to want some sort of hat that will cover you from the sun! Even though it is a rainy state the sun can creep up on you!  Having a hat for either temperature is a good idea if you are planning on being in Oregon for a while. 

Lightweight Backpack 

If you are coming to Oregon to experience some of the great outdoors and love a good adventure, Oregon is perfect for you! There is so much opportunity to visit amazing places like Pacific City on the Coast,  Crater Lake in Southern Oregon, and the city of Portland. You will definitely want something durable that you can pack a water bottle, your rain jacket, and maybe a few snacks in. We always recommend bringing a lighter-weight, smaller pack like any of the REI day packs or an across the body Kavu bag that are easy and comfortable to carry all day!

These might be the essentials but we also have an extended packing list video for everything you will need to bring to your Discipleship Training School here in Oregon!

Packing List for the Guys 

HubSpot Video








Packing List for the Girls 

HubSpot Video


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