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4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Doing Missions Work

Sep 25, 2017 9:00:00 AM

4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Doing Missions Work or a YWAM DTS

Are you interested in doing mission work, looking for missional training or just needing a season to seek God intentionally? All of these things are what YWAM’s Discipleship Training School (DTS) was designed for! DTS is a six-month training program. The 3 months is spent learning and growing as a follower of Jesus as missionaries and Bible teachers from all over the world teach on topics like spiritual formation, Bible, and missions preparation. The second half includes a 3 month trip to another part of the world. It’s an opportunity to partner with local ministries and projects overseas and step out in faith to share the love of Christ. Are you ready to know God on a deeper level and spend a season making Him known in other countries? It’s a big decision so here are few questions to think and pray about as you consider whether or not DTS is right for you.

1. How are you living out God’s call on your life?

I know that “calling” and “God’s will” are pretty big and often over-complicated topics to address. Simply put, are you making space in your life to know God more and with that understanding are you loving people well both inside and outside of your community? Calling is less about understanding God’s plan for our life and more about simply living with Him. Before my DTS, I had no idea how to live out my faith. I thought that meant reading the entire Bible fifty times throughout the year or spending five hours a day on my knees praying. I thought my call was about what I could do for God and proving that I was a “good” Christian. I firmly believe that God doesn't want our performance; he wants to live life with us. It’s scary. It takes some faith. But will we ever be content with what we do with our lives if we don’t take the time to know God?

2. What scares you about DTS?

Get all the things that scare you out of the way. For myself, when I try to ignore the fears instead of tackling them head on, they never go away and begin to control so many of the decisions I make in my life. God is big enough to handle our fears, the little ones and the big ones whether they are rational fears or not. Once the fears are addressed, the scary, nervous feeling starts to go away or morph into excitement. When I can spend the time to process what scares me, I often find myself recognizing that what scares me is what I need the most.

3. Are you satisfied with your relationship with God?

Before my DTS, I didn’t have much confidence in myself or in God. I was in a spiritual drought. When I learned about what a DTS was, it was like water to my spirit. While I didn’t have the words to describe what was going on in my heart, I knew that I needed help to make progress towards the life that Jesus promised. Are you feeling stuck? Do you desire refreshment in your walk with God? Explore the type of growth you want to see in your relationship with the Lord. Discipleship Training Schools are designed for breakthrough; maybe God wants to bring transformation in your life.

4. Is a season of missions part of God’s plan for you?

This is a big a question, but God can answer it. We often spend so much time stressing that we must live out God’s “plan” for our life. While God does have a plan for you, it’s not a series of points where if we miss one we’ll be forever off track. God’s “plan” is that you live your life with Him. Sometimes God is very specific, and other times he leaves decisions up to us. Ask God if a YWAM DTS is right for you. Invite trusted mentors and your community to pray for you. But if God doesn’t give you a specific answer, that’s okay too. Just because the heavens don’t open up and a deep voice from above doesn’t call you into mission work, doesn’t mean you aren’t called into missions.Maybe the final thing to consider is: what if God wants to use you to transform the world? That would be pretty worthwhile. Part of the work Jesus came to complete here on earth was to invite his people into his redeeming work. There will always be lies, fears, and confusion that we must combat, but that doesn’t mean that God is leaving you out. Your story matters. A YWAM DTS could be the chapter that propels you forward into the fullness of Christ.

Considering Doing a DTS?

Do a Discipleship Training School, is a big decision. How do you know the timing is right? Where will I be traveling? How will I raise the funds? These are all valid questions we hear every day! We'd love to get to know you and chat about your possible journey to DTS. Schedule a call with someone from our admissions team today! No really, we are real people and we'd love to talk. 

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