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A Parents Journey of Trusting God for their Child doing YWAM

Feb 6, 2017 4:13:47 PM

If you are interested in doing a YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS) or going on a mission trip, there may be one conversation that will be hard to have: the one with your parents.

Whether you’re still in high school or going on 30 years old, it’s not uncommon to be nervous about disappointing your parents or feel like you’re not living up to their expectations. Most often, our parents concerns come from a longing for us to be safe and taken care of. Missionary work can seem like the exact opposite of that. But if God is putting an interest in missions on your heart, you need not fear because your safety, care, and your parents, are in His hands. 

By you stepping out in faith to do a DTS, you are actually creating an amazing opportunity for your parents to grow in trust in God. That was Erin and Laurie's story.

An Interview with a Parent of a YWAM DTS Student

To give you insight into the process, we interviewed Laurie, whose daughter Erin took the first step into missions with a YWAM DTS at our campus. Her experience shows that choosing to do DTS is a beautiful journey of trust that can extend to your parents and loved ones.

What were your first thoughts when your daughter told you she was signing up for a YWAM missions training program?

When my daughter told me she wanted to take a break from her college studies and travel with YWAM to serve somewhere in the world, it produced fear in my heart. I had worked so hard to keep her world safe so she would not get hurt. Why would she feel led to leave her life of safety and comfort? I was also worried she would not go back and finish her college education. But God had a lesson of trust he wanted to teach my heart. Through her journey, I grew to trust God in ways I never knew I could. At the time, I didn't know the influence and scope of YWAM and how student's safety and training are top priorities.

Where did your daughter go on outreach? What was it like for you while she was away for those 3 months?

My daughter did her lecture phase in Salem, Oregon but it was really the 3 month outreach in India and Thailand that showed me God is our provider and protector. There were times I felt fearful to have my daughter halfway across the world, but as I prayed and claimed scripture God gave me peace. God would encourage me by a blog my daughter would write or by putting a former YWAMer on my path saying it was the best experience of their life. I am a teacher and I even experienced one of my Kindergarten students spontaneously praying "that not a scratch would happen to my daughter". I grew in my faith during my daughter's DTS. I call that time my journey out of parenting fear.

What are some changes you notice in yourself and your daughter after the Discipleship Training School experience?

The DTS experience provided growth that church, college, sports or my parenting could have never orchestrated for our daughter. YWAM's emphasis on teamwork and character helped our daughter develop excellent leadership skills and a generous heart that will help her in all areas of life. Just like she said she would, after DTS she went back to school and actually graduated on time! More importantly, we observed a new confidence in God's purpose for her life. Our whole family has been inspired to be more mission-minded. I now lead a "Kids On Mission" program at my elementary school which my daughter helped me start.

What would you tell a parent whose child just signed up for DTS?
God proved his good plans as I trusted my daughter to do her DTS. God doesn’t want us to just know truth, but to experience it. It was not easy letting go of my fears but I now know that fear is not from him. It is when we let go of control and trust in him we get to experience his goodness. I have seen his goodness as my daughter truly loves the Lord and others and has a passion that sets her apart!

Laurie is a retired kindergarten teacher in San Jose, California. Her daughter Erin did a DTS in 2010 and graduated from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California in 2011. Erin has since joined staff at YWAM Salem, received her Master's degree in education, and is dedicated to teaching Bible in a variety of contexts.

Interested in Jesus, adventure, and growing in your faith?

Do a Discipleship Training School, YWAM’s flagship missionary training course. It's a great gap year option. It's also perfect for anyone looking to step out of the ordinary and grow in your faith.

How does it work?

First, you’ll spend 3 months getting to know God amongst a vibrant Christian community and the inspiring beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Then you’ll embark on a life-changing 2-month overseas missions trip, focused on making God known. A new DTS starts every September, January, April, and June! Submit your info below to learn more. 

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