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4 Ways to Start Fundraising for Your Mission Trip

Nov 18, 2019 8:43:00 PM

So you want to go on a missions trip (hopefully it's a YWAM DTS!). Now for the often daunting task of fundraising. Don't worry, it's not as scary as you think.

We know because all staff in YWAM are here voluntarily. Just like the Discipleship Training School (DTS) student often fundraises to attend our trainings, we too fundraise to work at YWAM Salem. Trusting God with finances is hard, because it goes against the value of self-sufficiency in our culture.

However, if we are willing to put the fear aside, trust God, and do the work, fundraising for missions trips and training is definitely doable.

Here are 4 tips to get you help you answer the question, how do I fundraise for my missions trip?


umit-bulut-qbTC7ZwJB64-unsplash1. Pray & Trust God

Before you can give it your all in fundraising, you may need to check where you’re at with God. Many times, the idea of fundraising or support raising causes fear, anxiety, and panic. Those feelings can paralyze you and end your fundraising before you even begin.

Whenever you are dealing with fears and lies, you need to replace those things with truth. God is a provider and cares deeply for each of you; that care extends to your finances. He’s provided for thousands and thousands of ministries from Paul the Apostle to those of us in YWAM. So how do you start trusting God in this process?

Easy: pray. Drench your support raising journey in prayer! Jesus said" I only do what I see the Father doing. This is your mission do what he is telling you to do.God’s heart is moved when we spend time in his presence.


2. Reach out to People

When you get down to the nuts and bolts of fundraising, it’s about inviting others into your vision. Think about your friends, family members, people in your church, coworkers, and so on. Isn’t God’s call on your life to go into missions pretty exciting and worthwhile?

Make a list of all your contacts and potential people in your community and even outside of it. Call, message, or email them and schedule a time to meet with them face to face. While it’s tempting to manage your fundraising strategy from behind our computers and phones, face to face is the most effective strategy.

The more personal and relational you are in your strategy the more effective your fundraising will be. Scheduling practice meeting with your closest friends can be a great way to practice what you are going to say, as well as help expel any some of the nervousness you might be feeling. 

andrew-neel-cckf4TsHAuw-unsplash3. Good and Clear Communication

Communication is key both in the fundraising process and in the reporting back to your supporters. Prepare before you write letters and before you meet with contacts. You should have clear answers before your contacts ask you them.

You don’t have to overthink it or rehearse a speech; however, be prepared to answer “why you are doing a DTS”, “why you need money”, and “how a DTS will prepare you for the future”. Remember to trust God in this process and trust in the dreams he has put on your heart. It’s okay to speak from your heart.

Clear communication also means timely follow up. Usually after meeting with a contact, they might need time to pray or think it over. Plan a time to follow up with them and stick to it. Keep in mind that good communication doesn’t stop when you take off for DTS. Because more than raising funds, you’re building relationships.

Use an email service like MailChimp to keep your supporters updated and reach out to them every now and then. Exciting things are ahead of you on this journey, so share those stories with your supporters. It’s another way that God’s kingdom moves forward!

sharon-mccutcheon--8a5eJ1-mmQ-unsplash4. Stewardship of What You Have

Little expenses can add up pretty quickly. Purchasing a latte every day can cost over a $100 month. As you begin the support raising process, be prepared to look over your normal spending habits and be willing to make some sacrifices.

Part of being a good steward is to have a generous spirit. This can be a hard thing to be. Prayerfully ask God if he would have you fast from certain luxuries in order to save more money, but also ask Him how you can be generous in this season. Some of the donations you receive will be out of an enormous place of sacrifice on the giver. We have to be willing to make similar sacrifice.

Gratitude isn’t something that only happens when all the money comes in. It’s a spiritual discipline; one that you should practice in every stage of fundraising. Thank God for every penny that has come in and has yet to come in. Gratitude may bring about the breakthrough to get to that final amount. Philippians 4:6 says, "Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Being thankful is part of the process of trusting God.

Don’t write off doing a DTS or getting involved in missions because of finances. It will take some hard work, sacrifice, and some serious trust in the Lord, but funding your journey into missions is possible! God is a missional God. He's not just calling you into missions, but calling you to invite a new team of people to come alongside you, and see his heart for the nations unfold.


Considering Doing a DTS?

Do a Discipleship Training School, is a big decision. How do you know the timing is right? Where will I be traveling? How will I raise the funds? These are all valid questions we hear every day! We'd love to get to know you and chat about your possible journey to DTS. Schedule a call with someone from our admissions team today! No really, we are real people and we'd love to talk. 

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