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How I Discovered and Shared my Boldness on my Outreach to Brazil

Mar 26, 2021 11:57:45 AM

The following is a transcript from a DTS student’s recent outreach to Brazil where she shared the Gospel in an incredible way and saw people come to know Jesus because of it! 

"It was our first full day of ministry in Florianópolis, Brazil and we hadn’t started working with the YWAM campus yet, so we were sent out by our contacts to pray at specific points all over the island. 

Our first stop was at the very top.

So our team split up into two groups to pray and ask God to give us his heart for this place and these people. As we did, we felt led to pray for boldness to evangelize and preach the gospel.

I could feel the Holy Spirit empowering me as we prayed, and I said,“There are people here! Let’s preach the gospel to them!” 

Our whole team agreed it was a good idea and then looked right at me. I knew I was the one who was meant to get up and preach the gospel. So I did. 

With a God-given boldness I hopped onto one of the chess tables near me, inviting everyone who was around to come and listen. As they gathered, I shared the good news of Jesus Christ. I don’t remember what I had said, but I knew that as I spoke, the Holy Spirit was speaking through me.

After I had shared, I asked the group of people surrounding me if they wanted to receive this good news for themselves; to turn away from a life of selfish desire and to live for Christ. 

Everyone was silent for a moment, and then all of a sudden the 14 people standing in front of me, on this island in Brazil, raised their hands because they wanted Jesus."

Kalli was able to preach the gospel with full confidence knowing that the Holy Spirit would work through her, and because of her obedience 14 people were able to receive Jesus. 

Do you think this is an amazing story? If like Kalli, you want to step out in boldness and obedience for God and the gospel, an opportunity overseas could be the very thing to help you grow in your courage and faith! Our Discipleship Training School (DTS) seeks to give you the foundations you need to step out in boldness, gain experience preaching the gospel, and go to the ends of the Earth to share it!

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