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Sports Ministry Elective


Step into Your Life in Missions On & Off the Field

When you join YWAM Salem for a discipleship training school (DTS), you can experience our sports ministry elective with fitness and sports activities tailored to your unique physical abilities. Learn how to use sports to serve God and change the world, one outreach mission at a time.

The Power of Sports Ministry

Are you an active person? Do you love sports and the community they provide?

At YWAM Salem, we offer sports ministry training at our discipleship training school so you can gain the tools you need to share your God-given talent with the world. You’ll become a powerful missions leader who can effectively spread God’s story through athletics.

To attend a DTS you simply must be at least 17 years old and have a high school diploma.

What is Sports Ministry DTS?

Our sports ministry elective is offered as part of the Campus Phase of our discipleship training school. YWAM Salem’s DTS is a 5-month missions training experience like no other.

You and your fellow students will travel from across all corners of the country to our beautiful campus just outside Salem, Oregon, for 12 weeks of dormitory-style living, daily training, and group worship activities.

Then, embark on the adventure of a lifetime in our Outreach Phase. For 8-10 weeks, you’ll live in an overseas community unfamiliar with God’s love. There you’ll use your newfound sports ministry skills to make faith-based connections and minister to a new generation of believers.

A new DTS starts every fall, winter, and summer. So, what are you waiting for?

Campus Phase

Our DTS begins with a 3-month Campus Phase where students discover more about God while surrounded by God's beauty on our 35-acre campus. Located only 15 minutes from downtown Salem and 1 hour from Portland, Oregon, you’ll be fully immersed in God’s creations and have the chance to explore countless new communities.

Exclusive to YWAM DTS are our 3 elective offerings, which you can choose from for a unique opportunity to learn more about your specific passions through God.

When you choose the sports ministry elective, you will participate in weekly, hands-on training sessions that bridge the gap between faith and athletics. If you’re passionate about sports and missions – or you have an interest in physical discipline and spiritual growth, then this DTS elective is for you.

During the campus phase, students will live in a close-knit community where they’ll encourage each other to grow in their walk with the Lord. There is also time to meet in small groups, and the opportunity to be personally mentored, encouraged, and discipled by our YWAM staff.

Our Sports Ministry Elective weekly topics include:

  • Heart of the Sports Movement
  • Power and Potential of Sport
  • Talking with a Sports Person
  • Sports Ministry Map
  • Pray, Play, Say
  • How to Live as a Sports Person and Believer
  • How to Run a Community Festival
  • How to Facilitate a Play Camp
  • Whole Life Coaching


Outreach Phase

Once the Campus Phase is complete, put the skills and knowledge you gained in the sports ministry elective to work in the real world during YWAM Salem’s Outreach Phase. 

Sports are based on action – our outreach opportunities are your chance to put your faith into action for the benefit of others. Travel on an 8-week mission trip to an overseas community unfamiliar with God and His story. Once there, you’ll use a variety of activities and skills, including sports ministry activities and active communication to share the Gospel with new connections.

As you dive deeper into your vibrant relationship with God, you’ll find that our sports ministry elective is just the first step in your new life of missions and sports.

DTS Details: Everything You Need to Know Before You Go

When is DTS?

YWAM Salem offers 3 DTS each year. Upcoming DTS include:

Winter DTS 2024: January 3rd - May 30th
Summer DTS 2024: June 19th - November 21st
Fall DTS 2024: September 26th Start

How Much Does DTS Cost?

Our total DTS cost for lodging, meals, tuition, training materials, outreach activities, and local transportation is $5,995. Students are responsible for their own airfare for the outreach phase's international travel. On average, a ticket costs about $2,000.

Per YWAM Salem’s payment plan, a $500 refundable deposit is due at least one month before your DTS start date. Starting in Week 1, a minimum of $600 will be due every Monday until your total balance is paid.

Become a Leader in Sports Ministry

Want more information about the sports ministry elective? Unsure if this missions path is the right one for you?

Get an insider perspective from our blog, The Undeniable Power of Sports Ministry Outreach.

Start the Journey Toward Your Calling Today!

Step 1 - Schedule a Call

Chat with one of our student mobilization specialists to learn more about all our DTS elective offerings and get answers to all of your questions. Ready to answer God’s call right now? Skip ahead to Step 2 - Apply Today!

Step 2 - Apply Online

Fill out our online application at any time to kickstart the next phase of your life. It only takes 10-15 minutes to complete!

Step 3 - Connect with a Mentor

Identify a trusted adult in your life who will agree to sponsor you as a mentor. Then, send us their name and contact info so we can verify you have a lasting support system in the circle of your life outside of DTS.

Step 4 - Application Review

Once we have all of your information, we’ll review your application and send you your approval notice within 24-48 hours.

Step 5 - Get Excited…You’re Going to DTS!

It’s time to prepare for your future. Upon acceptance, you’ll have access to countless online resources that provide a digital checklist of every step you need to take to have a successful DTS experience.

How Do Sports Fit Into Discipleship?

In the Bible, Isaiah 40:29-31 says: “He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even the youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall, but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on the wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be faint.”

There are moments in every person’s life when they feel weary or like they’re not enough. But it’s in these moments that our faith is most important. God gives us the strength to help ourselves and others through every phase of our lives. In the context of sports ministry, we put our faith in God to give us the strength to perform and not grow weary. His love strengthens our athletic abilities as we use these God-given talents to grow His kingdom.