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YWAMer counseling another person

Addictive Behavior Counseling School

The ABC is a 24 -week YWAM third level school that equips students to bring freedom and restoration to those who are in bondage because of addictive behaviors. It explores the causes of severe physical, psychological, spiritual, and social problems which result from addiction. The ABC is designed as a 24-weeks training program in Two Phases. Lecture phase is 12 weeks followed by  the 12 weeks of  outreach which is an integral part of the training.

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Looking for a YWAM School that teaches ways to support those who struggle with addiction? The Addictive Behavior Counseling School (ABC) is a great option. 

The ABC school is designed for those who desire to be God’s vessel of hope to those caught in addiction. This school provides an opportunity for students to gain the skills and knowledge that will equip them to minister God’s healing, recovery, growth and transformation to the addicted. This school is not for individuals that are looking for therapy for personal struggles. 


The ABC is designed as a six-month training program in two Phases:


Phase one involves lectures, reviewing and practicing counseling skills, modeling of process and support group techniques, learning to teach and conduct seminars, acquiring and assimilating information on addiction and other addictive behavioral patterns.


Phase two involves a 12 week practical experience which is an integral part of the training. The emphasis is: teaching about addictions; leading a process group; starting a support group; counseling individuals and families in addictions, together with helping people apply biblical truths to their lives for greater maturity and a richer walk with God.

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Outreach Phase/Field Internship

Right after lecture is completed, you'll have the opportunity to use the new skills you've learned (CNH 321). This can be either a team outreach or an internship in a rehabilitation program under supervision. Outreach will need to include most of the following: team teaching in churches, government or NGO rehabilitation programs, being active in a weekly process group, attending 12-step support groups where available, writing up a comprehensive assessment and a case study of a client, writing final reports and a personal treatment plan for the future. 


The optional outreach is typically $2500 plus airfare.

Program Details


Arrival:  September 22nd, 2024

Tentative Outreach dates: Dec 13th - March 8th, 2024


Lecture phase is 12 weeks followed by an  outreach for the other half 12 weeks of the training.


The cost of lecture phase is $3495. which includes all lodging, meals, and school materials. Outreach will be an additional cost.

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Discipleship Training School and outreach; Foundations for Counseling Ministry and Outreach (CNH 211 & 212)

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Payment Plan

$500 *refundable deposit due atleast 1 month before the school start date. Week 5 at least 50% paid off. Week 10 100% of school paid off.
*See Refund Policy below

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You will be staying in dorm style housing on our lovely rural campus of 35 acres. We’re only 15 minutes from downtown Salem and 1 hour from Portland, the coast, and the Cascade mountain range.

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YWAMers talking together beside a lake

"ABC is the deepest school I've ever done in the UofN. The speakers and the content is great! The neuroscience behind addictions is fascinating. It has helped me to gain a holistic view of what causes compulsive behavior. I had life-changing revelations in this school."


Gabriel Alvim



"In ABC I could recognize the treasure of the image of God embedded in every human being.  Regardless of the brokenness, one's value is never diminished. Therefore, each person is validated, and given room to express their thoughts and feelings."


Sandra Beuren

"For me, ABC was a place to create a deep sense of bonding and belonging with God and others. It's based on His grace and love that empowers me to freely share my feelings, compulsive behaviors, and brokenness without fear of being judged or rejected. That allowed me to become an authentic and honest person transformed by God's grace!"


Gustavo Lima

Course Elements

What kinds of activities will your week be filled with? Each of these elements work together to enable you to achieve the course objectives. 

classroom learning 500px

Classroom Learning

You'll have the opportunity to hear lectures from experts who will guide you through various topics. You will learn how to lead support and process groups, understand the roots of trauma and recovery, and addiction counseling skills.

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Worship and Prayer

YWAM is dedicated to worship Jesus and engage in intercessory prayer as integral aspects of daily life. You'll participate in worship on Mondays and Intercession on Thursdays with the entire campus. You'll also have a weekly time of worship and intercession as a class.

Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 3.55.07 PM

Support and Process Groups

Each week you will be involved in a process group. This is where you will receive and give input and feedback. You will also have the opportunity to visit a 12 step group in the community.

one on one 500px

One on One Mentorship

You will have a one on one that will support you in your process. You may ask questions about the academics and share what understanding and revelation you are receiving.

Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 2.17.42 PM

Community Living

We believe disciples grow best in a community with other disciples. We’re focused on developing a community where you feel welcome and encouraged to pursue God in this season. You'll get to brush shoulders with other missionaries and students during meal times, study times, and free time!

assignments 500px


The ABC assignments include a personal journal, character development, goal setting for growth and scripture meditation connecting with the 12 steps. You will gain understanding through researching a topic of your choice. You will learn how to make a Discharge Summary together with a treatment recovery plan.

How do I sign up for the ABC?

Continue your journey towards gaining counseling skills by applying to the ABC. Here's how.

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Apply Online

You can start at this step any time! We'll collect some personal information from you (i.e. where you're from, your birthday, education/work background, etc.) We'll also ask some get to know you questions and hear more from you about your heart behind applying. It only takes 10-15 minutes to apply!

→Go to online application

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Connect with a YWAM Leader

Third level applicants must have their most recent YWAM school leader or the YWAM base leader fill out a confidential character reference on their behalf. You will specify the name and email of this person in your application form and we will automatically send them the form through email! Your part in this step is to let this person know what's up!

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Application Reviewed

Once you have have submitted your online application and we have received your character reference, your School Leader will review your application within the week. We’ll connect with you as soon as we know the status of your application. Some of our schools fill up fast, so you may be placed on a wait list. 


Prepare to Come

You'll get ready for your YWAM school by following our handy-dandy digital checklist. It will guide you through everything you need for a successful arrival (including fundraising tips!). Check out the page now for a heads up of what's required of you pending acceptance. 

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Start Your Online Application

Interested in the ABC but not ready to apply?

Enter your information to express your interest in this course. We'll be sure to keep you informed of course details!


Popular Questions and Answers. If you have another question, feel free to contact the course staff directly.