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Outward Apologetics School

The OAS is a 12-week YWAM secondary school that will equip you to share the gospel with anyone, anywhere.

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Looking for a YWAM School about evangelism? The Outward Apologetics School (OAS) course is a great option. 

One of the main reasons Christians do not share the Gospel with others is fear.  And that fear is fed by the fact that many believers do not really know what they believe as Christians about simple things that unbelievers ask.  This has caused so many to never share the Gospel with people because they lack the confidence in their witness to share with others.  It is time to get your confidence back, by knowing what you believe as a Christian, and how to share the Gospel effectively with others.  The OAS is designed to bring together the mind of the apologist with the heart of the evangelist. It is a school that pulls on the heart, and equips the mind to be an effective intentional witness for Christ. Through dynamic teachings, digging into God’s Word, and hands on outreach every week, you will grow from being a Christian who is scared to share their faith into one who cannot help but share their faith with others. 

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Program Details


Jan 5th - March 24th 2023


12 week lecture phase only; this school does not have an additional outreach phase


$3495. Includes all lodging, meals, and school materials. 


Completion of a YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS). It helps to have a strong work ethic and desire for a Biblical foundation for your life and ministry.

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Payment Plan

$500 Deposit Due within 1 month of the school start date. Week 5 50% paid off. Week 10 100% of school paid off. 

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You will be staying in dorm style housing on our lovely rural campus of 35 acres. We’re only 15 minutes from downtown Salem.

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Before the OAS I would get into conversations about big topics like how the Bible came to be, archaeology, evolution and many more, and I would get lost. During the OAS, I started to notice that I was having conversations on the streets about these topics and I could actually articulate and have educated conversations about some core elements of my faith. The OAS gave me a space learn, wrestle with questions and become more comfortable in evangelism through outreach every week!

OAS graduate

It’s amazing watching students going from fearful to confident in knowing and sharing the Gospel.

OAS Staff

Course Elements

What kinds of activities will your week be filled with? Each of these elements work together to enable you to achieve the course objectives. 

classroom learning 500px

Classroom Learning

Week day mornings you'll have the opportunity to hear lectures from experienced teachers on topics like the trinity, Scriptural authority, creation and evolution, tactics in defending the faith, Church history, cults, heaven/hell, gender issues, and more! A large portion of your time in OAS will be spent outside the classroom and on the streets of Salem engaging people in conversations about faith!

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Worship & Prayer

YWAM is dedicated to worship Jesus and engage in intercessory prayer as integral aspects of daily life. You'll participate in worship on Mondays and Intercession on Thursdays with the entire campus. You'll also have times of worship and intercession as a class. 

community living ywam 500px

Community Living

We believe disciples grow best in a community with other disciples. We’re focused on developing a community where people like you feel welcome and safe as you pursue God in this season. You'll get to brush shoulders with other missionaries and students during meal times, study times, and free time!

one on one 500px

One on One Mentorship

Your staff are here to facilitate a safe environment for you to engage with the Word of God. You'll have a one-on-one each week with a staff member to discuss all God is teaching you and to support you in your learning process. 

acts of service 600px

Acts of Service

Also known as "Work Duties" on other campuses,  Acts Of Service are intended to give you the opportunity to give back to the campus as well as build a bond of service alongside your fellow students. Since this is a YWAM secondary school, your work duty hours are minimal (4-5 hours). Typical work duty assignments include kitchen, hospitality, student communications, and maintenance/grounds.

assignments 500px


The OAS assignments are designed to help you apply the principles you're learning in apologetics and evangelism. Assignments include local street outreach, papers, and weekly debates surrounding theological topics. 

Start your journey towards confident evangelism by applying to the OAS. Here's how.

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Apply Online

You can start at this step any time! We'll collect some personal information from you (i.e. where you're from, your birthday, education/work background, etc.) We'll also ask some get to know you questions and hear more from you about your heart behind applying. It only takes 10-15 minutes to apply!

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Connect with a YWAM Leader

Secondary school applicants must have their most recent YWAM school leader or the YWAM base leader fill out a confidential character reference on their behalf. You will specify the name and email of this person in your application form and we will automatically send them the form through email! Your part in this step is to let this person know what's up!

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Application Reviewed

Once you have have submitted your online application and we have received your character reference, your School Leader will review your application within the week. We’ll connect with you as soon as we know the status of your application. Some of our schools fill up fast, so you may be placed on a wait list. 


Prepare to Come

You'll get ready for your YWAM secondary school by following our handy-dandy digital checklist. It will guide you through everything you need for a successful arrival (including fundraising tips!). Check out the page now for a heads up of what's required of you pending acceptance. 

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Start Your Online Application

Interested in the OAS but not ready to apply?

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