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The first part of a DTS is most commonly referred to as the “lecture phase” and takes place at our YWAM Salem base. As a student here, you will attend classes on various topics revolving around the character and nature of God. Your speakers will be comprised of experienced professors, missionaries, and Christian leaders whose stories and insights bring not only head knowledge, but life transformation. Experience the breath and depth of the mystery of God; let Him inspire you like never before to live life intentionally. Lecture topics include: The Father Heart of God, Character and Nature of God, Missions, Evangelism, Biblical Worldview, Spiritual Warfare, Forgiveness, and cultural training for your outreach locations.

The second part is most commonly known as the “outreach phase”. It is a time for you to share the good news of Jesus Christ with people who have never experienced His love. You will be immersed in a cross-cultural setting with opportunities to put into practice all that you learned in the lecture phase. We’ve recently sent teams to Greece, India, East Asia, Thailand, Nepal, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, and many more. Whether you are working in the slums of Africa or the red-light districts of Bangkok, your outreach phase is sure to leave you with a greater global perspective and even greater passion.

Total Cost for DTS

$5,000 + Airfare
  • The cost for DTS includes room, board, and transportation for lecture and outreach phase. Airfare is typically $1200-1800 depending on your outreach location.  There is also a $45 application processing fee.

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We offer 3 Discipleship Training Schools a year

Fall Classic DTS

Sept. 20, 2018 - February 21, 2019

Winter Classic DTS

January 4 - June 2018

Summer Classic DTS

June 28 - Nov. 15, 2018

Apply For An Upcoming DTS
“The biggest thing I learned in DTS was that I let my circumstances, culture and past define who God was instead of believing in His truth and His word and holding fast to those.”
- Tiffany Cowen
“After three months of lecture, learning, and healing, I left for my overseas outreach in India and Nepal. It was there that I saw God’s love and redemption everyday. It was in those places that my relationship with God was tested and, subsequently, deepened.”
- Rachel Fredericks
“Through lecture phase and outreach, God revealed to me not only how valuable I am to Him, but how valuable those are around me.”
- Dusty Moore
“During my lecture phase, God completely shifted my paradigm of who He is and who I am in Him.”
- Alex Navarro
“During DTS, God taught me that my life is incomparable. He is doing something specific in me and He loves me. Never should I be stopped by insecurity or fear, because He is my most perfect Protector and Provider and He uses me to impact the lives of others for His glory.”
- Bethany Cetti
“Before DTS, I never really had an understanding of God as my Father. Lecture phase alone changed my perspective on the character of Christ for the first time in my life. God met me on a heart level. He is the good Daddy; the Father who desires to have a deep relationship with us and the one who will never abandon us despite any circumstance.”
- Joanna Cardenas
“Doing my DTS was life changing! It gave me a great foundation in knowing who God is and how He sees me. I came to YWAM Salem as a shy and defensive person, but discovered my true identity as I trusted God and allowed him to heal the broken areas of my life. I also realized the gifts God has given me and found new direction and purpose for my life.”
- Marie Evensen
“During my DTS, God showed me the amazing depths of his love and out of that how much freedom He desires for me from the lies that have kept me in bondage for so long. I learned that my voice is powerful, and that God wants to use it and all my weaknesses for the glory of His Kingdom.  He taught me to enjoy every step of the adventure He is taking me on, including the unknowns.”
- Carrie Stern
“I took my DTS right after graduating college with a degree in economics. Through this program, God showed me the disparity between the supply and demand of the Gospel among unreached people groups. As my heart broke for the unreached, God transformed me from a person who didn’t want to be a missionary to a person who couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”
- Dustin Graber

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To know God and to make Him known.

Additional Info

You must have completed high school or be at least 18 years old.
Completed applications should be received 4 months prior to the start of the school (Africans at least 6 months.) Each family member, including children, that are coming to the school must have their own passport that is valid up to six months after the end date of the school. We will begin your visa process after you have been accepted.
YWAM loves families! If you are applying as a family we would love to help you in the process and we realize that this brings up different questions and concerns. Here are some easy steps to follow if you are applying as a family:

  1. Make sure both spouses have applied to the school. If only one spouse will apply to the school, please contact the registrar and make them aware of the circumstances.
  2. Each applicant must have their own separate references, registration fee, and school fees.
  3. If you have dependents, registrar will send you an additional health form to fill out for any child accompanying you.
  4. Have an understanding that there are extra costs for families, such as: room and board (depending on age), airfare for outreach, immunizations, and any other special needs your family may have.

Costs for children in lecture:

0-3 Free

4-10 $75

11-14 $225

15-17 $300

Children in Outreach:

0-3 Airfare only

4-17 $1000+Airfare

It is not a requirement that you have your entire course paid in full before attendance. However, we highly encouraged that you begin support raising as soon as you make a decision to attend one of our courses. The minimum of what we require is necessary to be able to afford to pay what it costs to have each individual on this campus. A registration fee of $45 (for singles) and $90 (for couples) is due before acceptance. A minimum of $300 will be due upon arrival. Every following week another $300, will be due on Monday. At week 10: Lecture Phases should be paid off totaling $3,000. By week 5: $1,500 is due (aside from Lecture Phase fees) towards Outreach. By week 10: the rest of the school needs to be paid off totaling $3,000 for Lecture Phase and $2,000 for Outreach, plus airfare (on average between $1,200 and $1,500).
Each school is different depending on a school leaders choice of how to schedule the week. But a general idea of a DTS daily schedule looks like this: Mornings start at 7am for breakfast, followed by a corporate time of worship or prayer at 8:30, from 9:30am to 12:30 you will have lecture. From 1:30-5:30 you will have Small group, outreach planning, local outreach, and some work duties around the base. Some evenings are filled with local outreach and times of school worship. Saturdays are usually free but on occasion there will be local outreaches and special events planned. Sundays are free for church and rest.
U of N Credits: 20. (DSP 211, 212) These credits may be applied to a U of N degree program or transferred to other participating colleges or universities.
Having a child do DTS is often more of an exercise of trust for you as a parent than it is for your child. We want to do our best to eliminate any worries you may have so please feel free to contact our offices from 9-5 every week day and we would love to answer any questions (1-503-364-3837). First though, we recommend visiting the YWAM international website with great content and insight from parents who have had their children participate in DTS.

Info for Parents
We are located on 35 acres in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Take a look for yourself on our virtual campus tour!
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