Find My Identity In Christ

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When Jesus told Peter that he was the rock on which the Church would be built, (Matthew 16:18), Jesus said this before Peter denied Him three times. Jesus looked beyond where Peter was and called forth the gold in Peter, his true identity. So often I fall into the temptation of rejecting who God has told me I am in […]

Is a YWAM DTS Right For You?

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Big decisions don’t always come easily. If you are thinking about doing a YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS), you are probably working through some questions and wondering if a DTS is right for you. Do you want to travel? Do you want ministry or international missions experience? Do you want to grow in your relationship with God and discover His […]

God Qualifies Those He Calls

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There are a million reasons not to go into missions, especially when you’re young. There’s getting your education, gaining work experience, and figuring out your life. Where does missions fit into all of that? Wouldn’t taking time off hurt in the long run? Beyond all of the other questions rattling around, don’t you need some kind specialized skill or calling […]

3 Reasons Why Traveling With YWAM Is Awesome!

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We’re “a little” adventurous here in YWAM. We are made up by all sorts of people from all over the world motivated by the shared goal of making God known everywhere we go. It was hard for me to commit to serving with YWAM full time, but that decision has put me on the path to so many opportunities and […]

4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Doing a DTS

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Are you interested in doing mission work, looking for missional training or just needing a season to seek God intentionally? All of these things are what YWAM’s Discipleship Training School (DTS) was designed for! DTS is a six-month training program. The 3 months is spent learning and growing as a follower of Jesus as missionaries and Bible teachers from all […]

Are You In a Season of Patience or Procrastination?

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Is God calling you into something? Maybe it’s doing a season of missions with YWAM or spending time deepening your relationship with him. Maybe it’s going after a dream or pursuing something he’s put on your heart. Sometimes when God gives us vision for our life, we often meet it with hesitation, questioning or even doubting if it is […]

What If God Is Already Using You?

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Missionary, Jim Elliot, said, “wherever you are, be all there!” That seems easy enough, right? However, many of us look ahead to some distant future where God will eventually bring us to our fullest potential. We say things like, “When I have more experience, more confidence, more knowledge, then we can ‘be all there.’” God’s love is an active love. […]

My YWAM Outreach Story

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When I arrived in Southeast Asia, I felt so unprepared. The whole flight my heart seemed to beat faster with every mile I got closer to Cambodia. As soon as I learned I’d be spending three months in Southeast Asia, I did my “homework.” I knew all the statistics: the population, the history, the poverty level, and major injustices. I […]

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What is Ministry and Can I Do It?

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Have you ever wanted to serve God practically? For many years of my life, I wanted to do something meaningful for Jesus, but I didn’t have an outlet or even know how. Would God give us specific passions if we weren’t meant to use them? We don’t always fit into the boxes of formal ministry opportunities, but that doesn’t mean […]

Are You Ready to Come Face to Face With Jesus?

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I’ve found myself explaining YWAM and the Discipleship Training School (DTS) to people a lot over the years. What makes DTS unique? Why would I recommend it over other programs? There are a lot of good reasons. I find myself saying that “DTS is the chance to come face to face with Jesus.” It’s a big claim, one that I […]