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Chronological Bible Core Course

The CBCC is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the Bible for 12 weeks, and gain study tools to effectively discover and teach the beauty of the Scripture for the rest of your life. 

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Looking for a YWAM Bible school? The Chronological Bible Core Course (CBCC) is a great option. 

CBCC is about experiencing the story of God like never before. You will deepen your roots in scripture to strengthen and sustain you as you pursue God’s calling on your life.

The Bible is a historically epic and diverse piece of literature that has profound wisdom to offer our modern world. But many find the Bible long and sometimes strange. Fewer than 10-20% of professing Christians have actually read through the Bible in its entirety. A larger percentage of people are confused by it, or even think it is irrelevant.

We believe God is calling us to reclaim the story and to be ambassadors and guides through the Biblical Journey. The CBCC seeks to equip you with the tools to do so. In this course, you’ll learn an effective multi-faceted study method, by applying it to a new book of the Bible each week. The selected books reflect different literature types in chronological order so that you get a wide variety of tools and understanding of the unified story of scripture.

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chronological bible core course assignments

The CBCC utilizes the Inductive Bible study method 

Part 1: Observe

In this first crucial step of Bible study we ask the question, “What does it actually say?” We approach the text with a spirit of curiosity, ears ready to listen, and our pre-conceived notions laid aside. 

Part 2: Interpret

The second phase of Bible study, we ask, "What did the author intend to communicate to his original audience?" Rich meaning will jump off the page as we learn to immerse ourself in the literary and historical world of the Biblical authors. 

Part 3: Apply

God intends for us to be shaped by Scripture today. In this final step we ask, "How can we respond to the authors intended message today?"

Program Details


Arrival Day for the CBCC 2021 is September 19th and the Departure Day is December 17th!


12-week lecture phase and an optional outreach phase.


$3495. Includes all lodging, meals, and school materials. 

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Completion of a YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS). It helps to have a strong work ethic and desire for a Biblical foundation for your life and ministry.

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Payment Plan

$500 *refundable deposit due atleast 1 month before the school start date. Week 5 at least 50% paid off. Week 10 100% of school paid off.
*See Refund Policy below 

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You will be staying in dorm style housing on our lovely rural campus of 35 acres. We’re only 15 minutes from downtown Salem and 1 hour from Portland, the coast, and the Cascade mountain range.

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“I didn’t know how to go deeper, I didn’t know how to read the Bible, and when I picked it up I had no idea who, where, or why things were the way there were. But I wanted to. I wanted to KNOW God, and understand the living words of the Bible. The CBCC helped me gain tools to understand God’s word from a perspective of His heart rather than my own. Even though I’ve graduated the course, it continues to impact my daily life.”

Haley Cabrera
DTS 2015, CBCC 2016

“I grew up in the church and I became a missionary at a young age, but no teaching or experience in my life compares to the three months that I spent enveloped in God’s word. I was in tears at the realization of who God is and who He says I am. I’ve since gone on to graduate university and now I am in graduate school! The CBCC continues to be one of the most foundational experiences of my life.”

Amarissa Otsmo
CBCC 2013

“I have always loved reading and studying the Bible. I realized recently that God made me to be a teacher. So how do I translate my love for God’s Word to others? This school helped to give me the basis for how to do that. Historical context and other methods of getting into the text, letting the Word speak for itself instead of putting our own ideas into it, seeing the whole story of salvation and God working through His people through history through chronological reading and study was really helpful.”

Josiah Carrigan
CBCC 2014

Course Elements

What kinds of activities will your week be filled with? Each of these elements work together to enable you to achieve the course objectives. 


Classroom Learning

Tuesday-Thursday mornings you'll have the opportunity to hear lectures from Bible study experts who will guide you through various forms of historical, archaeological, literary and geographical research for the book of the week.


Worship & Prayer

YWAM is dedicated to worship Jesus and engage in intercessory prayer as integral aspects of daily life. You'll participate in worship on Mondays and Intercession on Thursdays with the entire campus. You'll also have a weekly time of worship and intercession as a class.


Community Living

We believe disciples grow best in a community with other disciples. We’re focused on developing a community where you feel welcome and encouraged to pursue God in this season. You'll get to brush shoulders with other missionaries and students during meal times, study times, and free time!


One on One Coaching

Your staff are here to facilitate a safe environment for you to engage with the Word of God. You'll have a one-on-one each week with a staff member to discuss your assignments, all God is teaching you, and how to improve for the following week of study. 


Acts of Service

Also known as "Work Duties" on other campuses,  "Acts of Service" are intended to give you the opportunity to give back to the campus as well as build a bond of service alongside your fellow students. Since this is an academically intense school, your work duty hours are minimal (4-5 hours per week). Typical work duties include kitchen, maintenance, and hospitality/housekeeping. 
assignments 500px


The CBCC starts off with a seminar on the inductive Bible study method. You'll then embark on a handful of assignments each week that enable you to discover the author's intended meaning and response. Practice makes perfect! The majority of your time in CBCC will be self-directed, independent study of 12 books of the Bible (one book per week).

How do I sign up for the CBCC?

Start your journey towards Biblical scholarship by applying to the CBCC. Here's how.

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Apply Online

You can start at this step any time! We'll collect some personal information from you (i.e. where you're from, your birthday, education/work background, etc.) We'll also ask some get to know you questions and hear more from you about your heart behind applying. It only takes 10-15 minutes to apply!

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Connect with a YWAM Leader

Secondary school applicants must have their most recent YWAM school leader or the YWAM base leader fill out a confidential character reference on their behalf. You will specify the name and email of this person in your application form and we will automatically send them the form through email! Your part in this step is to let this person know what's up!

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Application Reviewed

Once you have have submitted your online application and we have received your character reference, your School Leader will review your application within the week. We’ll connect with you as soon as we know the status of your application. Some of our schools fill up fast, so you may be placed on a wait list. 


Prepare to Come

You'll get ready for your YWAM secondary school by following our handy-dandy digital checklist. It will guide you through everything you need for a successful arrival (including fundraising tips!). Check out the page now for a heads up of what's required of you pending acceptance. 

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Start Your Online Application

Interested in the CBCC but not ready to apply?

Enter your information to express your interest in this course. We'll be sure to keep you informed of course details!


Popular Questions and Answers. If you have another question, feel free to contact the course staff directly.