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Chasing After the 1 - A DTS Testimony

Sep 16, 2022 12:30:00 PM

Take a look as one of our volunteers shares a testimony from his DTS.


I left my home in West Virginia at the age of 18 with one goal in mind; to find the people that knew no love and to introduce them to my Jesus. My friends told me that I was crazy, but my brother was willing to make the 42 hour drive across the country to drop me off outside an old rehab building that had been converted into a YWAM campus.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but as I explored the base I was greeted by cheerful faces and genuine welcomes. I spent the next three months growing closer to God then I had ever been before. I built a family-like relationship with my team and before I knew it we were preparing to leave for a two month outreach in South Africa!

I remember the day we boarded our flight. I had never been on a plane before, and as I fumbled to get my ticket out I realized that our team was not going to continue as one group. Some of us had gotten the Covid vaccine, and the others were still waiting for their test results to come in, so that they could board the plane. With no other choice, we got on the plane with no leaders and limited knowledge as to what we were doing.

A couple of the girls were crying and we all remembered the countless times we had been warned about splitting up in an  airport. After sleeping on airport floors and waiting in security lines for about 52 hours, I arrived in South Africa, ready to go.

We took a couple days to pull ourselves together and then we got to work. We worked a lot with the children in townships, teaching  English, and on the weekends we took turns speaking at various local churches.

I dreaded my turn to speak, and I hoped with everything in me that when it came, I would be speaking in a small Zulu church with a translator standing beside me, but when it came, I was placed on the stage of a big, american-style church at the end of a long and emotional worship night.

I leaned on the big pulpit and began to speak in a low and personal tone. I was almost in tears as I told them that God had asked me to leave my home in rural America, to travel across the globe, to speak to one specific person in that crowd. I told them that God wanted me to deliver this one simple message. He knows them inside and out, and he still wants them with everything in him.

By the end of the night almost the entire crowd was sobbing, but I couldn’t help but lock eyes with one specific girl in the third row. She was in her late twenties, and had white dyed hair. She was wearing a small, torn, black dress that would probably get her shamed out of any good old southern church back home, and she looked like she had been left outside for quite some time.

After everyone else had gotten up and either pressed to the altar for prayer or had filed out the door to go home, she was still standing there in the middle of the room by her seat. I could see the pain in her eyes as tears rolled slowly down her face. I walked up to her and asked if I could pray for her. She nodded and whispered that her name was Rachel. I took her hands in mine and prayed that she would be able to see just how much the Father had done for her and how He would stop at nothing to show his love for her.

After we finished, she turned her wrists towards the ceiling revealing fresh scars. She told me how she had been abused by men all of her life and she was blown away by how different Jesus was. Her father and her previous husband had both used her, beaten her, and then left. She didn’t think she was worthy of anyone’s love and told me that she had tried to take her life the week before.

She finally understood, and God had sent me just in time. I now have one piece of advice for you.

Don’t wait. Don’t hesitate.

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